Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's a Four Day Week

But we're used to this, eh? November is all about the crazy weeks.
This is a photo of my son in law, Will. He just got home (to Germany) after being in Iraq for 15 months. You have met Miss Lily. She still talks about you. Thanks for being such sweet kids and being so nice to her. You all rock!

Remember, next week is only two days long, but I have to get another shot in the back on Tuesday, so unless things dramatically improve, I won't be at school on Tuesday, Nov. 20th. Think good thoughts for me, will you please?

So here's the scoop. The spelling test will be on Friday, but oh my, it's an easy one! Just ten review words. Easy schmeasy, I'd say. Here they are:

1. tie

2. light

3. mail

4. day

5. barn

6. dark

7. hard

8. snow

9. soak

10. own

I'm going to also give you a list of our Robust Vocabulary Words and their definitions. They do look hard, I agree. But when we start talking about them, we find that they are all words we've heard and do understand. More on that later.

It was so nice to get to talk to all the nice parents at conferences. I realized that is the 22nd time I've done that. Wow! At the end, I am getting talked out and sometimes I lose my words. Thanks for understanding if you were one of the last ones and I said things like, "What was I saying?" ha ha. It happens every year.

It's almost Thanksgiving. Can you believe it? This year we are going to Natalie's house. She's our oldest daughter who lives in Chicago. I'm a teeny bit worried about the ride because riding in the car really makes my back and leg hurt, especially the day after the injection. I may have to let my son ride in the front and stretch out in the back. Yuck. I don't like that idea at all! I'm not going to worry about that yet, though. I'm just going to think about the good food and all the good stuff. I just love Thanksgiving.

Here's the vocabulary:

1. minor- If something is not too important, it's minor

2. previous- If something happened before something else, then it is a previous event.
3. priorities- If some things are more important than any other things, they are priorities.

4. extinguish- When you completely put out something, like a fire, you extinguish it.

5. hazard- Something that could be dangerous is a hazard.

6. efficient- If someone gets things done quickly, correctly and without trouble, that person is efficient.

7. instantly- If something takes almost no time to happen, it happens instantly.

8. drench- When you completely soak something, you drench it.

If your child told you about the word I accidentally said today, leave me a comment and there might be gotchas involved! (Hint: Don't try to say "Moo" and "Peep" too quickly. he he)

Mrs. Mau

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