Tuesday, December 4, 2007

You're Listening After All!

I'd sort of abandoned the blog because I thought no one was reading it. Then today I learned that some of you are reading, so here I am again!

I've already sent home the spelling list, etc., so I'll just chat instead.

We want to send out good thoughts to our little Mai and her family as they leave for a visit in Viet Nam. We will miss her and wish her a very safe trip. It's hard to even imagine how far away Asia actually is!

Also we are hoping Miss Reese is feeling better soon. I don't like it when one of our own is sick. So take care of yourself, Reese. We'll be here when you are well again.

What else is new? Nothing much here. We put up a small tree this year. I thought it would make me sad to not see the big tree in the living room, but just knowing we only have to put away less than half of the decorations makes me happy. Next year Lily should be living in the states again. Maybe we'll put the big tree up again then. Or maybe we won't. Whatever happens is fine with me. I'm pretty easy to please. (Hmmm, why do I think Mr. Mau wouldn't agree with that statement?)

We are making a paper chain in our classroom. Each child gets a strip of paper for each time she or he reads at home. Today I surprised the boys and girls by turning the chain into the beginning of a paper chain tree that goes all the way from the ceiling to the floor. I did it while they were at music and gym. No, I should not be climbing on the desk, but at this point, what can it hurt, right? If we don't knock it down, it's going to be a Christmas miracle, but we're trying to be careful! If it does fall, it's no big deal. It's only paper.

I'm waiting to see if the big snow comes tonight. My mom thinks I'm crazy, but I love the snow! She and my dad live in Florida and they just don't know where they got this daughter who likes the winter. I don't know, either, but I love it!

My dogs are biting their blanket, so I guess that means it's time to feed them.

Peace out!

Mrs. Mau

PS. Here is a photo of Chris hanging the first ornament on our class tree.

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