Sunday, October 21, 2007

How is Your Weekend Going?

I hope you're having a great weekend. Mine has been interesting. On Friday night, my big dog was unusually playful. Guess what he did. He SMACKED me several times. Really! He actually hit me with his paw. The final time was right in the face! Ouch! He was just playing and didn't mean to hurt me, but wow! That was a big surprise. I don't want to play that game any more, thank you.

Tomorrow is our field trip to the Rialto to see Flat Stanley. Do you think you'd like to be flat? It might be fun to slip under doors and be able to travel all over the world for just the price of a postage stamp.

Red Ribbon Week also begins tomorrow. Remember, we should wear sweats tomorrow. You might "get caught" and win a prize!

Mrs. Dooley and I have planned for you to get together with your fourth grade reading buddies for a little while on Wednesday. We will also be writing a story to share with them next week. Thursday is an early release day. YOU all get a free afternoon. We teachers have to go to school instead. Hey, that's not fair! ha ha

We have two tests on Friday. First is our spelling test, then the usual reading lesson test. The plan is to do the writing part together. I just hope we have enough time with all the events going on this week. We're pretty good at going with the flow, though, aren't we?

The photo above shows you the dog who got carried away with the playing on Friday. He is Wedge, an American Bulldog. He is the sweetest thing- such a good boy! We got him from a shelter two years ago. He weighs about 85 pounds, which is more than you weigh! He's usually very quiet, but I guess he was all excited the other night, for some reason. I was gone longer than usual because I had to go to physical therapy for my back. Nice way to show you miss someone, eh? Smack them in the face with your paw!
Mrs. Mau and Wedgie Boy

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