Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Posted This on Monday...

Welcome to our class blog. Please feel free to leave comments. I love it when someone talks back to me so I'm not talking to myself all the time!
I will put up the spelling words for each week, as well as anything we might need to know as the year progresses. I have a lot of ideas, now I just need about four more hours in each day. Yes, that would be perfect! If you know how to do that, please fill me in!
We are starting a new lesson in reading tomorrow. We'll be reading a story about a boy who learns to ride a bike without training wheels. Expect more predicting and reading with feeling. Our phonics lessons involve the long "a" sound using the ai and ay spelling. We're in the middle of our math chapter about addition. We've learned that if you know your doubles and how to make a ten, adding is much faster! After our test (it should be on Thursday), we will start a chapter about subtracting. Flash cards are always helpful!
Also new are our reading centers. We have Center Experts who help us if we have a question while Mrs. Mau (that's me!) is working with a small group.
Above, you see a picture of my pug, Carmen. I know we have a lot of dog lovers in our class, don't we? At least a couple of you also either have pugs or know pugs that you like, so here is mine. She is a year old and the best dog (most of the time).
Mrs. Mau and Carmen

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