Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Please remember to send in any papers we can recycle. I think it's too late for us to actually win the school contest, but if we recycle, we all win!
I have a bag near my kitchen counter. When I get the mail, I stand next to the bag and drop in any junk mail, catalogs and magazines that I don't want. I've been bringing these to school and it's amazing how much paper comes into our house! Yikes!
I have also bought some reusable bags. I bring them with me to the grocery store, Walgreens, Target...just about everywhere I go. It has made such a difference! I saw a sign at Trader Joe's that said thanks to people using those bags, that ONE STORE used 18,950 fewer bags last month. It made me feel proud to have been one little person who helped!

In other news, tomorrow is "Wear something backward" day. I do not, however, recommend you wear your shoes backward. Ouch!

We met with our fourth grade buddies for a while today. Next week we will be writing a book to share with them. They may even help us if we run short on time.

Don't tell on me, but I skipped physical therapy tonight. I just have too much to do! My back will probably make me pay for this tomorrow, but I did some exercises on my own and I hope that's enough.

Happy Wednesday, all! See you tomorrow. Remember, it's a 1:30 release day for YOU, but not for me.

Mrs. Mau

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